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How To... Cold Brew

The weather is finally starting to warm up a bit here in Texas, so my morning coffee slowly shifts from hot to iced. I love a good cold brew, but buying it bottled or from Starbucks tends to be pretty pricey and its April 2020 so we are all staying home. Great time to learn to DIY your cold brew.

I find a french press to be the best and easiest tool to use. I also like freshly ground coffee and I have a wonderful conical burr grinder. The grind should be coarse especially for use with the french press, so at least get bulk coffee and grind in store on the coarsest setting. I prefer a dark roast coffee.

Here is a link to my favorite french press and Grinder:

If using your own grinder, grind 10-12 cups of coffee on course. Pour into the french press and fill with cold water. Mix with a large spoon. Refrigerate for 10 hours, mixing occasionally. Press and serve.

Now let's talk vegan creamers! My current favorite is the Califia Barista Blend Oat milk. I order it in bulk via subscribe and save on Amazon as it's my favorite for lattes as well. If you are looking for something a little sweeter, I recommend the Silk Oat Yeah Original. Both are very creamy and delicious. I find oat milk to be hands down the best for coffee!

Here's a video with instructions for you to follow!

Have you tried cold brew or do you prefer hot coffee? What is your favorite vegan creamer?

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